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Furniture Buying Secrets: How to tell Superior from Shoddy

Furniture Buying Secrets: How to tell Superior from Shoddy

Lack of furniture durability is the biggest complaint we all encounter in our surroundings. The reason behind is a list of unknown and misunderstood facts mainly because it’s not obvious in our locality that if someone is going to buy a furniture item he/she is well aware or prepared about nitty gritty details of furniture works.

So we thought of spreading awareness to the readers regarding furniture making and the concerns that lies about its durability issues because it’s a hard job to properly judge a furniture item about its lasting tenure by just looking at it.


Wood Furniture

There are several categories of wood that one is well aware off. Commonly categorized into hard woods and soft woods. Now here hard doesn’t mean a wood that is of harder type and soft doesn’t mean a softer wood type. Hardwoods means wood from deciduous tree and soft wood means wood from coniferous tree. We also have artificially prepared wood categories in low budgets as well.


Solid Woods

In Pakistan we generally categorize our hardwoods into solid wood categories. We commonly have showrooms offering solid wood furniture that mainly deals in types:

  1. Sheesham (Rose Wood)
  2. Akhrot (Walnut Wood)
  3. Kikar

These are the finest wood forms and their durability test for a newbie lies in a nail scratch test. You can mark a scratch on unpainted furniture item with your nail and if it’s not effected it’s a sure form of a hard wood and lasts longer with assured durability. A common worth estimate for a solid wood bed is, it starts from 2 lacs and onwards.


Artificial Woods

Artificial wood furniture is also becoming common is Pakistan. Owing to excessive customer trends towards low budget furniture items these artificial synthetics are getting more common but lack the durability an actual wood furniture is supposed to have.

The main categories of artificial wood furniture are:

  1. Winboard
  2. MDF (Malaysian Sheet)
  3. Ply Wood Sheets

These sheets are available in imported and local forms as well. So does the worth varies from expensive to cheap.


Solid and Artificial Wood Mix

We have another category of artificial and solid wood mix as well. Both artificial and pure woods are used in this type.

A range of furniture bed in this category ranges from 1 lac to 2.5 lacs

With a professional furniture vendor it’s the quality you pay for genuine wood articles. The less you go on the budget side the more of quality is compromised that is unluckily realized in the long run.

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